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You Deserve The Best

- Nakeah Fuller
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Beauty is her name! As a world renowned Beauty Expert & Business Woman, with a long list of celebrity clients & advanced credentials, Texas native Nakeah Fuller is our Founder, CEO & Master Educator who has worked in every area of beauty, fashion and entertainment, while currently working in the dynamic world of television. Nakeah has also launched her very own organic beauty brand known as Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood.  She's one who has always been extremely passionate about training while sharing her extensive knowledge to help others become better than great, while looking and feeling amazing. With her team, Nakeah Fuller designed a world class program that has proven dynamic success for herself while also helping others to evolve as well.


With such a beautiful personality and as an advocate of uplifting and helping others to advance in life with power, for many years Nakeah has trained more than 5,000 people around the world. She loves sharing her gife and expertise; profound knowledge that has flawlessly impacted many lives and knowledge that can be passed on by you for generations to come. Her students have included mothers who believe in the power of excellent self care, career women & men who desire to look & feel their best as they work to achieve their goals in life and she continues to train numerous actors, makeup artists, global beauty brand retailers, doctors, lawyers, teens, realtors, public speakers, church leaders, models, photographers, athletes and more.  Ladies & gentlemen of all walks of life around the world call upon Nakeah and trust her extensive knowledge, her blessed hands, her amazing credentials, her unique technique and her superb talent.  Her fresh, clean, effortless makeup application and her camera-ready men's grooming has proven such awesome success for many years. With a very unique strategy, Nakeah Fuller's training techniques are quick & easy while giving her students and also their clients such a flawless appearance; looks that never appear overdone.  It is her belief that everyone is a star and deserves to look & feel their very best.  In her classes while being empowered & inspired greatly, you'll learn just that... beautiful looks & techniques that are effortless yet impactful.  Embrace this life-changing experience that will last a life-time.  Her motto: "You deserve the very best". 


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