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Enrollment Policies

The All About Face Academy Courses including our Exclusive Weekend Courses... each require proof of identification at the time of Orientation (Day 1).  Our programs are open to candidates over the age of 18.  For those under the age of 18, we must have a written Parental Consent Form.  Please contact our office for the required consent form.


International students: Please email Admissions: prior to applying.  A member of our International Affairs Team will assist you promptly.

By completing our Application, you agree to the following policies:


*Student Agrees to follow our Safety & Sanitation Rules & Policies during each training session. 


*Students have clearly read all requirements prior to applying.

*Student must agree to follow all policies. Student must be respectful & respectable during & throughout the training program.  At The All About Face Academy, we believe in success and positivity as we focus on providing dynamic training for each and every student of many different cultures and backgrounds. Everyone is treated with the upmost respect at all times. Negative behavior is never tolerated and exempts the student from our training program immediately and without a refund.  Rudeness and disrespectful behavior is not allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Here we focus on education, joy, positivity, greatness, success, profound knowledge, passion, purpose, growth and beauty in every way. 


*All Courses require an Enrollment Fee & a deposit. Deposits are deducted from the course total.  Payments in ensures your spot within your course  of choice and to be paid along with your deposit. This also covers file establishment & file management within our Admissions & Accounting Office.

*Easy Payment Plans are permitted and must be approved & completed prior to courses began.  If a Payment Arrangement is approved, student agrees to honor Payment Agreement. Any & all Payment Agreements are to be finalized with our Admissions & Accounting Department "prior to"  starting our training. Arrangements are not to be changed once you, the student begins training.  To request or to learn more about our Easy Payment Plans, please contact

*Students can request an Approved Certified Letters of Recommendation from our Admission Office following his/her training. Based on a thorough review of the student's file, an impeccable Letter of Recommendation can be provided within 48-72 hours. Each letter is signed and stamped for legal verification purposes.  Please submit Letter of Recommendation Request by emailing

*There are no refunds on Enrollment Fees, Deposits nor Payments for Courses. Payments cannot be credited towards makeup kits. 


*Payment Arrangements are not allowed for our Makeup Kits. 

*There are no refunds on payments for Training Courses. However Training Start Dates can be changed with approval and rescheduled within 90 days. We enjoy working with our students to accommodate his/her needs.

*Course Payments cannot go towards makeup kits nor products sold by our beauty product partners.

Make Payments

*For all Courses, students will receive a registered certificate of completion within 7-10 Business days of completion of the program. All certificates are stamped and certified for legal verification.

*Additional copies of Certificates are permitted and requests must be submitted in writing.  Please allow up to 7-10 business days for processing. Cost $35 per each additional certificate copy.  There is a $25 rush fee for all rush requests. Certificate Copy Requests must be submitted with a Driver's License or ID. No exceptions. Requests can only be received by graduate ONLY.  Graduate may submit  his/her request for an additional copy to our Admissions Department (with copy of ID):

Letters of Recommendation


A Letter of Recommendation may also be requested by emailing the request to the exact same email address above. We support our students in every way and we are honored that you've chosen All About FACE! 

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