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Here you'll find a few of our student's work. Having a professional portfolio and being able to capture & show the true essence of your work is quite essential. Our students learn dynamic techniques, professional knowledge and phenomenal wisdom regarding the overall beauty business. Students of The All About Face Academy use only the finest makeup tools & the finest quality ingredients as their beauty products. Ingredients truly matter and it shows in the quality of the execution along with our exceptional techniques. Our students also learn to work with all undertones & all skin types while gaining exceptional knowledge of the beauty, fashion & entertainment business.  Knowing the business side of it all is also quite essential. Our advisors and educators currently work in the beauty business and maintain excellent credentials. Our photoshoots aren't the norm. Our students study how to determine the correct lighting, strong angles for every shot, the right hair styling for each makeup look, while also working with the most amazing wardrobe stylists, hairstylists and designers for their shoots.  We take great pride in our dynamic training program. During our student's training, we customize each photoshoot session based on the student's requests & needs while also executing what they've learned in our exclusive curriculum. We are very proud of our students as well as our graduates as they have proven their dedication & commitment to studying & perfecting their craft while following their passion. Our classes are geared towards taking aspiring & professional makeup artists to a whole new level. Students around the world join us to learn from the best, to be the best. We also include training for women who desire to learn professional, but quick & easy beauty techniques for themselves. 


Although today's latest element often shows social media trends, the industry's standards remain quite high for those who've obtained the right training, a clear vision of the business all while having a strong knowledge to excel. This makes a tremendous difference within the beauty, fashion & entertainment industry for working /career artists. Our program teaches the business side of it as we prepare our students for great success. Our students also gain great credentials within the beauty, fashion & entertainment industry while working with the best of the best because of our dynamic reputation. We encourage our students to build and maintain a professional portfolio all while we assist our students with building a strong resume. In our program, each student is also properly trained in every area of the beauty business to ensure great success. It is quite essential to receive the best training and awesome mentorship from those with extensive industry experience - with proven credentials while learning & fully understanding the business side of it all. We take great pride in our outstanding photoshoots for our students as gain work as A Pro; work that they can actually use as for their portfolio in the real world of beauty, fashion and entertainment.  View more about us & enjoy the exclusive interviews! Beauty Business is serious business. 

To book your Professional Photoshoot, please contact an Advisor by completing the online contact form. An Advisor will consult with you within 48 hours. We will reserve your photographer, models and style team based on your needs and availability.  An All About Face Academy Beauty Instructor will be present during your shoot as well.  


Learn from the best, be the best...

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