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Spring & Summer 2024

Back by Popular Demand are our Exclusive Weekend & Evening Classes  

Learn from the best, BE The BEST

Weekend Class Price:

Cost: $850.00  *promotional price

1 weekend of Professional Hands-on Training

6 Weekend Class Price:

Cost: $3,950.00

6 Weekends of Professional Hands-on Training

1 Week Evening Master Class:

Cost: $1,850.00  *promotional price

1-Week of Professional Hands-on Training

Class Times:

Weekend Classes - 

10am-3pm (Sat & Sun)

- Evening Master Class - 

6pm-10pm (Mon thru Fri)

Spring 2024 

- Class Schedule: Weekend Classes -

April 6th & 7th

April 13th-14th

April 28th-29th

May 4th-5th

May 25th-26th

June 15th-16th

June 29th-30th

July 13th-14th

July 27th-28th

August 3rd-4th

August 17th-18th


1 Week Evening Master Class Schedule -

April 8th-12th

May 6th-10th

May 20th-24th

June 10th-14th

June 17th-21st

July 15th-19th

July 22nd-26th

August 5th-9th

August 19th-23rd

How to Enroll

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