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Hello our
Amazing Alumni!

We've Learned From The Best, To Be The Best...

We honor our students and graduates and the purpose of our Alumni Association is to commend our grads with special opportunities while also staying connected succeeding graduation. Our certified graduates are pure greatness!  We cultivate & admire each of them as they took the necessary steps to gain world class knowledge from the best while obtaining impeccable knowledge that they can share for generations to come. We're quite proud of their dedication and their love for the art. As we applaud our graduates way beyond their initial inauguration, we desire to not only stay connected, but to also provide awesome support throughout their journeys. Support that will truly make a difference. At the All About Face Academy, following our profound training as our students learn our world renowned techniques, we offer the following after graduation.

  • Priceless Networking Opportunities

  • On-going Career Support

  • Access to our Mentorship Program

  • Phenomenal Job Opportunities

  • Access to Agency Representation 

  • Access to Phenomenal Industry Events

  • Travel Discounts

  • Emails with Industry News & Event Invites

  • Exclusive Job Referrals

  • Opportunities to gain onset Union Hours

  • Complimentary Makeup Consultations

  • Product Discounts

  • Be highlighted via Social Media and with our sister companies of over 150k Followers

  • Access to Academy Resources (Top Industry Agents, Producers, Photographers, Models, Fashion Stylists, Publicists & more)

  • Expedited Letters of Recommendation 

  • Discounts from Businesses Nationwide

  • Additional Discounts from our Sister Companies

  • Volunteer Opportunities for Resume Building

  • Dynamic Refresher Courses

Sign-up for our Alumni Association Below. Workshops do not qualify.


Please contact our Admissions Department for further questions. 

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