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Welcome to the Amazing World of Beauty
Our LIVE Online/Virtual Makeup Training Program was created with YOU in mind...
 Dynamic Virtual Training from The BEST
Our students learn from the best, to be the best while gaining profound beauty techniques & business knowledge all while being mentored exceptionally. We believe that knowledge is power and learning from those who are knowledgeable & very experienced in the world of beauty while obtaining outstanding skills & credentials through our unique mentoring program is why our success rate speaks for itself. With great pleasure, we training each & every student with true passion and have for more than a decade.  Many are thriving in beauty due to our love & passion for educating other. You can now learn virtually right from the comfort of your own home as we LIVE STREAM your classes while you learn 1-on-1 online and get your questions answered instantly while learning right from your own home. No recorded videos as we want you to grasp each & every technique & lesson while getting your uestions answered on the spot. For many years, students have joined Makeup Artist to the Stars "Nakeah Fuller's" dynamic makeup training program from around the world as our goal is to provide the best professional virtual training ever. 
We're very excited to offer a dynamic & very unique 1-on-1 Online Training Program that empowers women & artists in the most amazing way LIVE. Learn outstanding, professional, quick & easy beauty techniques right in the comfort on your own home. Along with learning dynamic beauty techniques, our students will also gain access to join us virtually for magazine shoots, red carpet events, film/tv sets, runway shows & more! We take your training quite seriously as we strongly stand behind our slogan... "Learn from the best, BE THE BEST".  We want you to be the best. No matter if you're applying makeup on yourself or on others, our outstanding techniques quick & easy tips, exceptional quality products have all proven to bring the most beautiful results for women & artists around the world. View course option below.
Contact our admissions office to customize your online training schedule.
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Clear here for Exclusive Hands On 1-on-1 Training...

Online Training Schedule/Class Times:  All Online Training Schedules are 1-on-1 & are customized for a convenient time that works for you. Contact us to customize your training schedule.


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Online Training Options:


ENJOY Learning Virtually! 

1-Day Online Beauty Makeup Course: Course Duration: 2.5 hours 

This course is a dynamic refresher course or intro to professional beauty techniquest. Courses are adjusted for beginners, intermediate or advanced skill levels.  It is also designed for those wanting to learn professional makeup techniques for themselves or for others. You'll learn outstanding techniques for beauty makeup for every occasion, including both day & evening looks. There's nothing like applying & enhancing with the perfect makeup tools while learning quick & easy professional techniques. Learn the beauty of applying the perfect tones; including eyes shadow application for natural looks and smokey eyes, adding pops of color, perfecting brow techniques, flawless foundation application, the perfect blush application & applying beautiful lipstick that will last while photographing flawlessly. All courses are by appointment ONLY.  We customize a training schedule that works perfect for you.


Learn from the best, be the best...

Price: $685.00 + Enrollment Fee: $150.00

Deposit: $250.00


1-Day Online Eye Shadow Application & Brow Grooming: 1 Day.  Duration: 2.5 hours

This course is designed to focus on applying beautiful brows, brow tools, eyeliner techniques, eye shadow application for day & evening while learning effective eye shadow application tools and how they work. Courses are by appointment ONLY as we customize a schedule that works perfect for you. 

Price: $585.00 + Enrollment Fee: $150.00

Deposit: $250.00

2-Day Online Beauty Makeup Course: 2 Days. Duration: 2.5 hours per each day

This course is designed to teach numerous looks as we give thorough review while you perfect the beauty of effective brow grooming, gorgeous eye shadow application: Natural eyes shadow application, day beauty .vs. evening beauty, eye liner techniques, properly applying beautiful eyes & flawless cheek colors. You'll also learn our famous pro smokey eye technique, Flawless Foundation Application, Blush Enhancement, Highlighting & Contouring and beautiful, long-lasting Lip Application. 

Price: $785.00 + Enrollment Fee: $150.00

Deposit: $250.00


5-Day Online Beauty Course: 5 Days. Duration: 2 hours per each day

This course is for beginners, intermediate & can be a refresher for advanced artists.

Price: $1,895.00 + Enrollment Fee: $150.00 

Deposit: $500.00

Course Outline -

Day 1: Makeup Tools & How they work

Day 2: Brow Grooming & Eyeshadow Application

Day 3: Proper Foundation Matching & Undertone Enhancement

Day 4: Proper Blush, Contouring & Highlighting

Day 5: Perfect Lip liner/Lipstick Application + Final Exam



3-Week Online Beauty Course 1-on-1. *Most Popular. Duration: 2 hours per each day

Classes are customized to accommodate your schedule. Contact us by phone or email.

This course is customized for beginners, intermediate or advanced. You will learn the Beauty Business side of it all!

Price: $3,6500.00 + Enrollment Fee: $150.00

Deposit: $650.00

3 Week Course Outline-

4 days per week for 3 weeks. Class includes Theory & Practical. Reserve 2 models for your class (family, friends, colleagues). Also note: You will receive an instruction manual for this particular course. There is a thorough review & final exam scheduled after your 3 week online training session. Your training session is 1-on-1 & very professional, yet personable with Makeup Artist to the Stars "Nakeah Fuller". As an alumni, you may also enroll for additional courses at a discounted rate in the future.


*Also, review our recommended Professional Makeup Kit options below.


  • Day 1: Get to know your Instructor/Beauty Makeup Mentor

  • Day 1: Makeup Tools & How They Work, Product Knowledge 

  • Day 2: Properly Prepping the skin & Skin Care Regimen Do's & Don'ts

  • Day 3: Eye Shadow Techniques & working with different eye shapes

  • Day 4 & Day 5: Day & Evening Beauty (Brows & Eyes Only)

  • Day 5: Eyeliner Techniques

  • Day 6: Foundation & Undertones (Proper Foundation Matching & Application for all skin types)

  • Day 7: Proper Blush Application

  • Day 8: Highlighting & Contouring

  • Day 9: Lip Shapes (small lips, medium size lips .vs full lips)

  • Day 9: Effectively applying lip liner, lip gloss and/or lipstick

  • Day: 9: How to choose the right lip colors

  • Day 10: Bridal Beauty

  • Day 11: Business Development Class: Invoicing, Contract Knowledge, Industry Terminology, Beauty Business Market Rates/Pricing

  • Day 12: Thorough Review & Final Exam

*Enrollment Fee: $150.00/per course must be paid in full at the time of enrollment. Deposit reserves your class. 
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Policies & Procedures:  Enrollment Form Please complete our enrollment form. Again, for our Online Training you will receive your personal log-in/access code with clear instructions via email. This access cannot be shared with others. 1 code per each student is permitted. All training is by appointment only and again 1 person per access code is allowed. Contact us for online group information. All transactions are final. For any & all product purchases, refunds are not permitted but exchanges are allowed for un-opened items, no refunds. There are no refunds on training courses as space is limited and reserved just for you. Class dates & times can be rescheduled within 90 days. For online training, scheduled classes can be rescheduled at least 12 hours in advance by email. In case of any emergency, you must contact our office in advance for any rescheduling needs. For any further questions regarding our program options, please contact us at any time. 

Makeup Kit Options...

Starter Makeup Kit -  $675.00

Starter Makeup Kit -  $675.00 (This kit is highly recommended for those who are learning makeup for themselves).  Our high quality starter kit includes our organic line of flawless healthy beauty, daily essentials customized just for you with 1 Foundation, 1 Setting Powder, 1 blush, 1 concealer, 2 Lipsticks, 1 Brow Pencil, 5 Shadows (Palette), 1 Lip gloss. Includes your organic daily beauty essentials to ensure healthy, radiant skin and a flawless appearance for yourself for both day & evening. There are no refunds on makeup kit purchases once your order is placed. 

Master Pro Kit by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood - $1,675.00
A fully stocked professional makeup kit filled with stunning all natural cosmetics made of the finest quality ingredients. Includes all of our best sellers for every skin tone, for every occasion. Our beautiful organic line is filled with a gorgeous luxury Eye Shadow Palette that is refillable, Concealers, Vegan, Organic, Talc-free, Animal Cruelty-free Foundations for every skin tone, Blush Palette – 6 shades, 9 Piece Professional Brush Set, Professional Brush Cleaner, Lead-free Lipsticks in the most beautiful colors for day & evening beauty, Lip Gloss for both day & evening beauty. This kit was designed by Makeup Professionals who work full time in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry as Professional Makeup Artists in film, celebrity/red carpet, runway, bridal and more. Along with your beautiful professional products, you’ll receive our Professional Makeup Case. A case that is highly recommended and used by the pros in Hollywood to protect your products while providing easy access to your beauty items while working on clients. Our Professional – Master Pro Kit is discounted for our trainees or products can be purchased separately. There are no refunds on makeup kit purchases once your order is placed.
Contact us for questions.
Makeup Kit Orders by phone: (323)999-1768
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